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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing. How to Make Money or Promote Your Products by Using It?

Affiliate marketing connects webmasters/bloggers with the advertisers. Advertisers are always looking for a way to promote their services. The more places their links and banners are shown, the better. On the side are the webmasters. They earn money by helping advertisers to sell their products.

Benefits for publishers:

It depends from the program, but usually webmasters gain a % for a successful sale. So lets say that the % is 50. When you place a affiliate link or a banner on your website and some user click on it and then buy the product, you will earn 50 % of the total profit. If it is 100$-you get 50$.

Benefits for advertisers:

Actually you can only win by using this kind of promotion, because in order to score a sell you will need a lot of traffic. Gaining it, isn't easy at all. This traffic should be targeted as well. You can also use paid advertising( for example Google AdSense), but it isn't so much different. I mean if you are willing to spend some amount of money in advertising, you can easily calculate what your commission will be (to the affiliate/webmaster). In this way your product will be promoted to many visitors, which are attracted by the website's content. You will also benefit from the desire of the webmasters to present the product in the best possible way, so they can profit as well.You can also read this article. It can help you understand the importance of Internet marketing.

Affiliate networks

So affiliate programs are connecting publishers and advertisers, but this interaction can go on a higher level. There are companies, which have created huge networks in order to help publishers find the best affiliate programs (for example Clickbank). There you can easily pick the product you want to promote, then create a campaign and earn money equal to the offered commission for each successful sale.

Affiliate marketing opportunities

How much money you can make by using affiliate programs?

There is no limit. But then again it is hugely depending on how good is your website's content, what product you are trying to promote, how much traffic your website receives and whether your traffic is targeted enough. Your topic is also important, since it should be relevant to the product you are trying to promote. There are publishers, who earn thousands of dollars a day. That ain't fiction! With hard work every thing is possible.

Affiliate marketing tips

Finding the best product to promote is perhaps the most important thing, when doing this kind of online business. Your product should be legitimate and have good reviews on the net. That is a must for health related services. Earning money at expense of people's health isn't the right way. So choose careful and never accept to promote products, which you know are bad or not working. It can lead to some profit, but it will be for a short time. Build an authority, as a promoter of high quality products and services.

Tips for advertisers

Give as much information about your product as possible. While it ain't a must, it should help your publishers to find more costumers for your services. Build catching banners and methods in order to attract people's attention immediately. 

Final thoughts

Today this is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. It requires from you a lot of time and creativity, but the profit you could gain is comparable with much less other alternatives. Don't waste your time with one-day getting rich schemes, which are scam and designed to take away your money. Of course you can find yourself a new way, but be careful when trusting other promises for big money with no efforts.

About The Author :

My name is Marian Milushev. I have been writing about affiliate marketing for around 4 years, as a ghost writer. I finally decided to create a blog to sum up my experience and help publishers and advertisers. Here, you will find detailed information regarding the best and trusted affiliate programs as well as some tips, which you could use, while building your online business. I hope you enjoy it.
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