Thursday, February 12, 2015

"" Review. One of the Best Health-Related Affiliate Programs

This program allows the webmasters to promote products on the following topics: "Beauty", "General Health", "Sports"," Nutrition", "Weight Loss" and more. I know many people are often asking for a list of trusted health-related affiliate programs. "" is one of the best and today I will try to explain why!

Easy to get started

All you have to do to begin working with this program is completing a short free registration. Typically it shouldn't be hard to be approved, since more than 94 % of the applications are accepted.


This is an old affiliate program. This company never misses to pay their members since 2002. That is very important, because these programs usually expect from you to accumulate certain amount of money, before being able to cash it out. So you can get scamed big time.

Carefully picked products 

This affiliate network researches deeply the sellers and their products, before allowing them to join the program. They also have to have solid financial background in order to begin working with this company. That is done not only to protect your audience from potentially not working or fake products and services, but also to decrease the chance of not getting your referral commission.

Two-weekly payments

You will get your payments after only 14 days of waiting. What is more important that they have many options to send your money. For the moment they work with:

1. PayPal
2. Payoneer
3. Skrill
4. Payza


If you decide to join this affiliate program, you will receive help from your own personal mentor. Yes you heard it right. Every member has a person from the company's staff, who is obligated to help him with the small and big questions that will surely pop up in his mind, when start working this kind of job. That is extremely helpful, especially for beginners.


This guys have their own affiliated program. When you refer someone to join the site, you will earn 6 % of every successful sale that he/she makes. So that could be also a great way to increase your profit using

Information about products and resources

Very important perk that you will have at your disposal are the helpful materials. These are banners, articles and full detailed information for every product. That is a must for a perfect campaign with the product that best suits for your site. Use them to pick the right one.

Other languages

Many popular affiliate programs do not allow their products to be promoted on non-English websites. supports 4 languages: English, Russian, French and German. That proves to be effective for raising their sales, since 15-20 % of the total sales are made from foreign language markets. 


Your commission depends from the product. Usually it is something like this: 30-50% per sale. 

Final thoughts

If your website/blog is on a health-related niche, you can try this amazing affiliate program. You can be pretty sure that is legit and trusted. It gives you enough quality products and information about them on many health-related topics and problems. There is no space for fraud advertisers there, and your audience will be safe using them. That is very important, since here we are talking about peoples health. Do not ever try to promote products from untrusted or unknown sources.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Which SEO "Tricks" You Shouldn't Use?

You will not outsmart Google, if you are using some already known tricks about SEO optimization. It is a matter of time for Google to catch you. Many SEO “experts” have failed in this task. So be careful and do some research, before using a source with huge letters and promises.

Here there is a small list with the “tricks” you shouldn’t use!

Don’t use the same keywords in the anchor text of the links. The effect of such action will be short.

Do not post multiple links at once-an advise from the best SEO-optimizers. Also do not link multiple new profiles on social networks fast. Build an audience with related to your topic interests.

Beware of article directories! They must have a uniform theme, because Google has lost trust in others, due to the large number of low-quality and diverse content. In other words do not place your links on all possible places. Do that only on trusted niche directories.

Links from directories, classifieds, comments are also considered to be very weak, especially for new sites. You can use topical or thematic directories.

It is not good for your site to has a lot of links from one domain. Do not buy cheap links from websites with different topic.

Adding new pages in hundreds of different search engines is not preferable. It is enough the biggest to index them. Then the others will follow.

Don’t use more than 3 times a keyword in 100 words. Instead focus on your content quality. Some experts even advise from time to time to forget the keywords. Write for the reader and not for the search engine!

Don’t use too many interconnections. They irritate both your readers and Google. You should add connections only to a keyword, with which you could explain something, related to your posts.

In addition to the duplicate content, often we are witnessing "duplicated" pages-sites with the same theme, but with different articles. When your site isn’t focused on one topic, you will get lower chance of being ranked higher.

And most importantly, be creative and respect the rules and criteria of the search engine! Otherwise, sooner or later it will be “disappointed” from you, leaving your site far behind.

Final thoughts

When your content is good enough and useful for many people, there is no chance you won’t be spotted by Google. Some tricks may work, but always check Google’s terms to make sure they won’t backfire. Bringing some extra traffic for a short time isn’t worth the price you may have to pay. For more information about how SEO works check this article.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to Improve Your Website Rank Using SEO?

You have heard the term SEO (search engine optimization) and you know that it is important. So now perhaps you are wondering how to build your content in the best possible way to improve your Google rank. There are many tips and information around the net regarding this topic. Here we will try to systematize them and create a guide for all new webmasters and bloggers.

Since search engines do not publish their algorithms, the information on how a site gets ranking comes from studying, experimenting, experience, and several other sources. It is known that there are few "accepted" truths about ranking. Presumably ranking is determined by hundreds, if not thousands of internal (onsite) and external (offsite) factors.

Onsite factors:

The most important thing is your content. You will have to create high quality and unique articles, which are relevant to your website topic. But keep in mind that the meta data, which search engines use, is the key of people finding your website. So, create content with the user in mind and make sure the focus of each page or article is on the keywords and phrases that you have decided to target. (For example, if you want to be associated with such phrases as "cleanly", create posts with pictures that are related to this topic.

Offsite factors

The "spiders" of search engines are constantly crawling around the web to index information and understand its purpose. So, the more Google sees your website, referred to relevant content on other sites, the more it will benefit your ranking. Try to place your website links on many places.

How you should choose your keywords?

The choice of words is both art and science.

The art is going to people heads and trying to predict what they will write in the search box to find your website. Think as yourself. With which phrases you will find your articles?

The science is the selection of those search phrases that will bring the highest quality traffic. Google Adwords offers free keyword tool that can help you get started.

What is the misconception about SEO?

Often people are trying to focus too much on ranking keywords and not enough on the results. Highest rank will not actually mean anything, if visitors do not click on the result. For more information about common SEO mistakes check this article.

Final thoughts

Don’t use too much keywords, because it can backfire. Use 1 keyword on every 100 words. Also when you are trying to create back links to your website, do it only in quality places. Often posting your articles in blog directories doesn’t bring much success, since apparently Google lost its trust in them. Your main focus should be on your content and keywords. Advertisements can be a great way to promote your website too.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Important for Selling Your Products and Services?

When representatives of the companies learn about the possibility to promote their online business, often begin to ask fundamental questions such as: what is the importance of this process and what are the potential gains. It is important to clarify that without advertising, the results probably will not be very good and even deficient, because marketing strategies are the foundation for the further launch of any product or a market service.

Internet marketing is important, because in this way your products will reach more people and consequently, the opportunity to make a sale proportionally increases. In the success of any online business, Internet marketing plays a big role, since no matter how professionally the website looks, it will not gain you any profit, if it isn't visited enough. And here comes the question of how to build big attendance. There are two ways to increase your website traffic: advertising and SEO(search engine optimization). The last, as we know is vast and complex, so we have to assume that includes Internet marketing. For more information about SEO check out this article.

We are all clear that the online environment is becoming more popular every day, especially among the young people, who are in their  most active period of life and this implies, if not frequent purchases due to inadequate solvency, at least plans for future purchases in the next months or years, when they will work or earn more money.
Affiliate marketing helps advertisers big time, as a part of their online marketing strategy. This represent a great way of increasing the potential  profit by spreading the information about their products/services to a huge amounts of people. In this way you can use the help of already established websites with targeted and quality traffic. While it will not surely lead to many sales, it can't hurt. It doesn't matter whether you are trying to sell online or offline products. Your potential costumers increase drastically  and when having the tools to deliver your products/services to more people, your business gains more success.

 If not the main part of your online marketing strategy, affiliate marketing should be present in it. It is not always good to rely only to SEO. The main search engines do not clarify enough their algorithms. You can't be sure, whether you are building your website in the right way. It requires much researching for information or hiring professionals. The best way is combining both techniques. Without initial investment is hard to expect many or even some sales.

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