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"" Review. One of the Best Health-Related Affiliate Programs

This program allows the webmasters to promote products on the following topics: "Beauty", "General Health", "Sports"," Nutrition", "Weight Loss" and more. I know many people are often asking for a list of trusted health-related affiliate programs. "" is one of the best and today I will try to explain why!

Easy to get started

All you have to do to begin working with this program is completing a short free registration. Typically it shouldn't be hard to be approved, since more than 94 % of the applications are accepted.


This is an old affiliate program. This company never misses to pay their members since 2002. That is very important, because these programs usually expect from you to accumulate certain amount of money, before being able to cash it out. So you can get scamed big time.

Carefully picked products 

This affiliate network researches deeply the sellers and their products, before allowing them to join the program. They also have to have solid financial background in order to begin working with this company. That is done not only to protect your audience from potentially not working or fake products and services, but also to decrease the chance of not getting your referral commission.

Two-weekly payments

You will get your payments after only 14 days of waiting. What is more important that they have many options to send your money. For the moment they work with:

1. PayPal
2. Payoneer
3. Skrill
4. Payza


If you decide to join this affiliate program, you will receive help from your own personal mentor. Yes you heard it right. Every member has a person from the company's staff, who is obligated to help him with the small and big questions that will surely pop up in his mind, when start working this kind of job. That is extremely helpful, especially for beginners.


This guys have their own affiliated program. When you refer someone to join the site, you will earn 6 % of every successful sale that he/she makes. So that could be also a great way to increase your profit using

Information about products and resources

Very important perk that you will have at your disposal are the helpful materials. These are banners, articles and full detailed information for every product. That is a must for a perfect campaign with the product that best suits for your site. Use them to pick the right one.

Other languages

Many popular affiliate programs do not allow their products to be promoted on non-English websites. supports 4 languages: English, Russian, French and German. That proves to be effective for raising their sales, since 15-20 % of the total sales are made from foreign language markets. 


Your commission depends from the product. Usually it is something like this: 30-50% per sale. 

Final thoughts

If your website/blog is on a health-related niche, you can try this amazing affiliate program. You can be pretty sure that is legit and trusted. It gives you enough quality products and information about them on many health-related topics and problems. There is no space for fraud advertisers there, and your audience will be safe using them. That is very important, since here we are talking about peoples health. Do not ever try to promote products from untrusted or unknown sources.

About The Author :

My name is Marian Milushev. I have been writing about affiliate marketing for around 4 years, as a ghost writer. I finally decided to create a blog to sum up my experience and help publishers and advertisers. Here, you will find detailed information regarding the best and trusted affiliate programs as well as some tips, which you could use, while building your online business. I hope you enjoy it.
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